An Introduction to SSAV

A sincere attempt has been made within the limited scope of a few pages of this website to furnish you as much information as possible, concerning the academics, so as to enable you to take one of your most crucial decisions, the 'where', 'what' and ' how' of the academic career of your child, the impact of which would be nothing less than the destiny of an unknown future. Shri Shankaracharya Vidyalaya is primarily a national institution with international perspectives, holding secular and democratic values. We affirm our faith in the universal brotherhood of the mankind. The aim of the school is to develop the best that is latent in children, and to prepare them for the challenges of the changing world through the encouragement of self discipline, high intellectual achievements and physical fitness. The secular and ethical values are cherished, and an atmosphere prevails where every creed and faith is allowed to flourish. The students are educated in a way that permits them to grow up without inhibition and prejudice in any form. The ideals enshrined in the Constitution of the land are meticulously followed. To be precise, a deep sense of patriotism, honour for all cultures and the need for practical ethics in public life are inculcated in the children right from the time of their joining. Education is a continuous process by which a generation is prepared for the future by providing the pupils as many opportunities as possible to develop every aspect of personality. It is our endeavor to make education a purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable experience.



  • Yearly Syllabus 2024-2025 - CLASS NURSERY
  • Yearly Syllabus 2024-2025 - CLASS PS1
  • Yearly Syllabus 2024-2025 - CLASS PS2
  • Yearly Syllabus 2024-2025 - CLASS 1

Thought of the day

" Positivity is the state of mind that helps you to imagine and see the possibility of what you can learn, earn and achieve today." ~ UNKNOWN